Colorado, USA

Colorado beckons with its majestic landscapes and vibrant cities, offering year-round excitement for travelers. Whether you're chasing winter thrills or embracing summer sunshine, this diverse state has something for everyone. During the winter, Colorado transforms into a snowy wonderland. Hit the slopes at world-class ski resorts, explore snow-covered trails, and cozy up in charming mountain lodges. Don't miss the warmth of winter festivals and holiday celebrations. As summer arrives, Colorado bursts with lush landscapes and outdoor adventures. Hike scenic trails, enjoy thrilling whitewater rafting, and relax on pristine lakeshores. Indulge in farm-to-table cuisine and immerse yourself in vibrant cultural festivals.

Quick Facts
  • Population: 5,773,714 (2020)
  • Capital: Denver
  • Nickname of State: Centennial
  • Avg. days of sunshine: 300 days per year
  • State Parks : 42
  • Summer Time: MDT (UTC -6)
  • Winter Time: MST (UTC -7)

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